No matter who you are, how old you are or where in the world you are, we believe with all our hearts that education isn’t a privilege but a fundamental human right.

We uphold this right, we fight for it and we enable it. Unconstrained by bricks and mortar, unconcerned by age limits our classrooms are open to everyone. More than just algebra and verbs, this is relearning life in another language. To ask for a loaf of bread, to make new friends, to talk to a doctor about your child. This is education that helps you take back control and regain a sense of self so that life can begin.

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Mobile Classroom

We want to buy our own van so that we can create a fully-equipped and resourced mobile classroom.  We will be able to move 6 teachers, the inflatable classroom, equipment & resources and go wherever they need us, whenever they need us.

From Brighton to the Balkans

In February 2018 we’re leaving Brighton and travelling back along the refugee routes of Europe, taking a transit van, a pop-up classroom and a team of teachers. We’d like you to take part in the journey.

Suzie's Yard

Suzie’s Yard is an organic farm in Southern Tuscany, near to the beautiful town of Cetona. Owned and operated by Suzie Alexander, a passionate humanitarian and advocate of traditional farming methods, Suzie has been opening her home and sharing recipes with the local migrant community since July 2017.

Supporting Refugees with their Further Education

We run courses in understanding the impact that trauma can have on learning and how to manage the overwhelming experiences that come with settling in to a new home.


The Darfur School

The Darfur School was our first Crisis Classroom, built by a community of young men from Sudan in the Calais Jungle refugee camp in 2016.